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OpenCart 2.0.x Updates


As many of you may or may not be aware, OpenCart 2.0.x has been officially released from OpenCart.com. OpenCart 2.0 is a major release and that also comes with major changes to the extension system, modification system, and theme. I have been assessing the changes for my extensions and have determined there will need to be extensive rewriting for OpenCart 2.0.x support. During this code rewrite, I will also be improving the code base and adding more features that utilize the new features in the core cart. Due to the changes required, 2.0.x compatible add-ons will NOT be eligible for free upgrade if you've previously purchased the 1.5.x compatible versions. There is simply too much to change.
If you've purchased within the past 6 months, I am offering discounted updates for the updated versions of thesemodules....
I will also continue to support the existing 1.5.x versions of any purchased addons for bug fixes, if any, but I will not be adding any new features to those older versions. In the new 2.0.x versions, I will be supporting both 2.0.x and 1.5.x, but will be officially dropping 1.4.x support.
New 2.0.x updates will begin trickling out this week and I will be deactivating the sale of the older 1.5.x only items as they are replaced with 2.0.x compatible versions.
So if you are looking to purchase a mod, be sure to purchase the 2.0.x compatible version as that will still support 1.5.x and still get updates going forward.
If you are still on 1.4.x I suggest you bite the bullet and upgrade. I do offer an upgrade service here:
I also offer upgrades to OpenCart 2.x now.
Thank you for understanding and I look forward to being your first choice in OpenCart modding in the future!
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