[1.5.x] Offline Credit Card

[1.5.x] Offline Credit Card
[1.5.x] Offline Credit Card [1.5.x] Offline Credit Card
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What does it do:
This contrib adds support for collecting customer creditcard information so it can be
manually processed offline.

Main features:
  * PCI COMPLIANCE MODE. When in PCI Compliance mode, Half the card number is stored / Half is emailed, CVV is emailed, Cardholder name is not emailed
  * Uses creditcard verification algorithms to verify data is valid before allowing checkout to prevent fraud & typos. Verification supports Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and Diners Club.
  * Encrypts card number with custom hash key before saving to database.
  * Uses custom error handler on the checkout/confirm page to show any card errors.
  * Configurable Allowed Credit Card types.
  * Works Internationally.
  * Works with any currency.
  * Option to delete the card details from the database

When you set a key to encrypt data. That means that key must remain the same in order for that order to be decrypted. Example: If you have encryption key '12345' and get 5 orders. Then you change the key to '54321'. Those first 5 orders won't be able to decrypt the card numbers. So if you are going to change the hash every few months, it is important that you remember the hash that was used for particular orders if you need to go back. If you forget your encryption key, the card number will be forever encrypted.


Dealing with customer credit card information is very sensitive and risky.
The user of this module is solely liable for what happens to the data from end to end.
It also may be illegal in some countries to store certain bits of information in a database, or transmit via email, even though the option to do so might exist. The author of this contrib takes no responsibility for any legal misuse or mishandling of sensitive information.

PCI Compliance Info:
This version of the module has a PCI Compliance Mode option.

Non-Compliance Mode:
- All CC Data is stored in db. Card number is encrypted
- Optional all data can sent via email to store owner as well.

Compliance Mode:
- Cardholder name, Card Type, Exp Date are stored in Database
- Middle 8 digits of Card number are stored in database like this: xxxx42526325xxxx (and encrypted)
- First and Last 4 (or 3 for Amex) are sent via email to the store owner email like this: 4242xxxxxxxx4563
- CVV is in the email but not stored in the database
- Cardholder name is NOT sent with the email

In Compliant or Non-Compliant with Email modes, the store owner receives an email like this:

Order ID: #211
The Partial Credit Card details for this order are:
Card Type: Visa
Card Num: 4111xxxxxxxx1111
Expiration: 10/10
Card CVV: 123

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