[1.5.x] AutoDiscount Order Total Module

[1.5.x] AutoDiscount Order Total Module
[1.5.x] AutoDiscount Order Total Module
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What does it do:
This contrib adds the ability to give customers automatic discounts based on their subtotal or item count in cart. 
Great for giving discounts on large orders at different price or qty breaks.


Main features:
  * Can be static value or percentage based. (100:10%, 200:20%, 300:15.00, etc)
  * Multiple rates based on subtotal or less (subtotal:discount, subtotal:discount, etc)
  * Automatically applied to the cart total on the confirmation page.
  * Option to ignore discounts for product specials
  * Base Rate on Subtotal OR Item count


How to install it:
1) Unzip and upload the contents to the root directory of your OpenCart installation, preserving directory structure
2) From the admin menu, go to 'Admin->Users->User Groups'.
3) Find and check the entries for any unchecked files in both modify and access. save.
4) From the admin menu, go to 'Extensions->Order Total'.
5) Install the module, and click edit to configure.
6) Adjust the Sort Order to where you want it to be. You'd certainly want it to apply before the final `Total` is calculated.


The discount system uses the item total as its basis for discount metrics.
It does not include fees, shipping, taxes, etc.
This is done by design to allow itemized taxing deduction to ensure tax is based on the discounted subtotal
Therefore it is recommended to put the sort order directly below the subtotal.

Subtotal: 22.00
Discount (10%): -2.20 <---- discounted subtotal = 19.80
Shipping: +5.00
Tax (10%): +1.98 <---- based on discounted subtotal (19.80 * 0.1)
Total: 26.78


Additionally, there is an assumption that all products will have tax.
The calculation process discount is based on the overall item total while taxes are subtracted on a per-item basis
If you mix taxed and non-taxed products it will likely overcalculate the discount.


Examples of use:
Be aware that the ranged unit value is the "high" value.
This means everything up to that value gets the associated discount

If using subtotal mode
100:10% means orders from 0.01 to 100.00 are 10% off and orders higher than 100 gives no discount.
This is typically NOT what you want.

Instead, if you want to give a discount for orders of $100 or greater, use:
99.99:0, 9999999:10%
That means orders that are 99.99 or less get no discount
Anything higher up to 9999999 gets the discount

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