[1.5.x] Buy Store Credit (vQmod)

[1.5.x] Buy Store Credit (vQmod)
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What does it do:
Allows customers to buy store credit via normal checkout.
This allows customers to avoid needing other payment options for future purchases.
  * You will need to have the vQmod engine installed (http://vQmod.com)
Main features:
  * Simple plug and play. Nothing to configure.
  * All store credit files are separate from core files, small core mods handled with vQmod.
  * Adds to cart just like a product and uses normal checkout
  * Will work with Other checkout mods and payment gateways
  * Combine with Store Credit Sidebox to show customer store credit:
  * Once store credit is purchased, it adds to the opencart credit system and uses its internal store credit system for totalling
OpenCart 1.5.x has a built in store credit system. This system by default only allows you to manually add credit from the admin
This mod adds the ability to allow customers to buy their own store credit.
This mod only handles the purchase of the store credit to the customer's account.
It DOES NOT and IS NOT MEANT TO alter the way store credit is used during checkout.
The normal rules of checkout apply once credit has been added.
Please do not ask about showing store credit to customers or managing store credit as those are beyond the scope of this mod.
Display and Management of Store credit is handled by the OpenCart system and any issues related to that should be posted in the OpenCart forum.
How to install it:
1) Install vQmod first from http://vqmod.com
2) Unzip and upload the "vqmod" and "catalog" folders to your store's root path
3) Login as a customer and click the "Store Credit" link in the footer next to Gift Vouchers
4) Purchase store credit and checkout

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