[1.5.x] Checkout.fi Payment Module (OpenCart Addon)

[1.5.x] Checkout.fi Payment Module (OpenCart Addon)
[1.5.x] Checkout.fi Payment Module (OpenCart Addon)
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What does it do:
This contrib adds support for "Checkout.Fi" payment integration. Similar to Paypal, the checkout button will redirect the customer to the gateway site. From there, the customer has multiple choices of bank options to login and pay. Once payment is completed, the page will redirect back to your site to complete the order.

  * You will of course need to have an Checkout.Fi account.

Main features:
  * Ajax Confirm & Return click processing Supported
  * Testmode support
  * Custom final order status

How to install it:
1) Unzip and upload the contents of the upload folder to the root directory of your OpenCart installation.
2) From the admin menu, go to 'Admin->Users->User Groups'.
3) Find and check the entries for any unchecked files in both modify and access. save.
4) From the admin menu, go to 'Extensions->Payment'.
5) Install the module, and click edit to configure.

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