Custom Payment Form Builder (1.5.x/2.x/3.0)

Custom Payment Form Builder (1.5.x/2.x/3.0)
Custom Payment Form Builder (1.5.x/2.x/3.0) Custom Payment Form Builder (1.5.x/2.x/3.0) Custom Payment Form Builder (1.5.x/2.x/3.0)
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This payment extension allows you to create a custom payment form during checkout to collect any type of information you need.
It is an "offline" type extension so there are no gateways or processing done to the data. It simply collects the data and saves it to the order comments.
It was intended for collecting data like Purchase Orders, Advanced Bank Transfer Details, Checking account details, and other customer details like SSN, birthdate, etc.
You can create any number of custom fields and add input validation, required status, and field type.
When the customer enters all the required information, the order is updated to the custom final confirmation status set in the admin area for this extension.

Supported OpenCart Versions:

Main features:
* Unlimited form fields. Completely dynamic
* Uses the OpenCart Extension system. No overwritten files.
* Access filtering by customer group type and geozone
* Adds all from data to email and order comments
* Form builder allows your choice of:
* Type
* Name
* Value
* Label (that customer sees)
* Required flag
* Validation type (none, number, email, url, creditcard)
* Additional Params ex. size="4" maxlength="4" onclick="alert('thanks')" etc
* File/Image Upload option

Creditcard validation supports all major credit & debit cards and validates the algorithms for correct card data.
Keep in mind data is considered generic and saves to the comments section, so card data is not encrypted or split.
If using for credit card data, this form is not PCI compliant nor safe. Use creditcard data at own risk.

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