Easy Checkout (2-step) (OpenCart v1.4.x ONLY!)

Easy Checkout (2-step) (OpenCart v1.4.x ONLY!)
Easy Checkout (2-step) (OpenCart v1.4.x ONLY!) Easy Checkout (2-step) (OpenCart v1.4.x ONLY!)
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Supported OpenCart Versions:

All versions v1.4.8 through 1.4.9.x

What does it do:
Replaces the normal opencart checkout system with a simpler 2-step option

This mod requires the vQmod engine to be installed (http://vQmod.com)

Main features:
  * Completely standalone. Does not overwrite any core files!
  * Uses vQmod for a few simple changes
  * Optional Password/Account (see notes below)
  * Restores normal checkout when vQmod script is removed
  * Combines Address and login page into one
  * Adds separate shipping checkbox option
  * Combines Shipping/Payment/Confirm into one
  * Full compatibility with existing extensions

How to install it:
1) Install vQmod engine first (http://vQmod.com)
2) Unzip and upload the catalog and vqmod folders to your store root path, preserving directory structure
-- No files are overwritten.

That's it! simply checkout like normal to see the new checkout

The password field can be set to required or not required.
Regardless, this mod always creates an account in the background
This was done mainly because the current split-design that opencart uses isn't worth the headache of 2 separate code paths, and it still has the effect that makes the customer feel like he isn't creating an account while still allowing downloadable products.

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