[1.5.x] ePay.dk Payment Module

[1.5.x] ePay.dk Payment Module
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What does it do:
This contrib adds support for Epay.dk payment integration. It supports on-site form processing using epays SSL relay. Customer never leaves your site.

  * You will of course need to have an epay.dk account.

Main features:
  * On-site integration
  * SSL Relay Script Option
  * Custom order status
  * Custom Success Page shows order id, amount, and transaction id
  * Support for allowing certain Customer Groups

How to install it:
1) Unzip and upload the contents of the upload folder to the root directory of your OpenCart installation.
2) From the admin menu, go to 'Admin->Users->User Groups'. Edit Top Administrator
3) Find and check the entries for any unchecked files in both modify and access. save.
4) From the admin menu, go to 'Extensions->Payment'.
5) Install the new module, and click edit to configure.

Use SSL Relay Script:
If you have SSL certificate and don't want customers to leave the site, you can set it to NO. During checkout, the customer will be presented with a credit card form and can enter their credit details right on the confirmation page.

If you would prefer that the gateway uses their own secure socket layer, or don't have an SSL on your site, you can set this to YES and during checkout the customer will be directed to a local custom form secured by the gateways relay script process. The customer still uses the form on your site, just secured by the relay site.

Set the cart to test mode to test the integration with the gateway.
During checkout, you can use 3333333333333000 as the credit card number with any valid exp date and 123 for cvv.

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