[1.5.x] jqListEdit for OpenCart Admin

[1.5.x] jqListEdit for OpenCart Admin
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What does it do:
This contrib adds the ability to edit fields directly on the list pages in the admin section and save changes instantly!
Easily update Quantity, status, names, models, and more easily without having to edit each record individually.
Works on products, categories, orders, customers, and more!

Main features:
  * Created using the OpenCart MVC architecture for easy expansion to new lists
  * Uses dynamic update functions where available to limit reuse of code and make it more expandable
  * Uses a common include for all lists, keeping edits to a minimum
  * All changes made to admin tpls only. No controller file changes
  * Editable lists include:
      - Categories (Name, Sort Order)
      - Products (Name, Model, Quantity, Status)
      - Manufacturers (Name, Sort Order)
      - Downloads (Name, Remaining Allowed)
      - Reviews (Author, Rating, Status)
      - Information (Name, Sort Order)
      - Orders (Status)
      - Customers (firstname, lastname, email, customer group, status, allowed)
      - Coupon (Name, Code, Discount, Status)

How to install it:
1) Backup your admin/view/template folder
2) Unzip and upload the contents to the root directory of your OpenCart installation, preserving directory structure
-- 9 files are overwritten.
-- admin\view\template\catalog\category_list.tpl
-- admin\view\template\catalog\download_list.tpl
-- admin\view\template\catalog\information_list.tpl
-- admin\view\template\catalog\manufacturer_list.tpl
-- admin\view\template\catalog\product_list.tpl
-- admin\view\template\catalog\review_list.tpl
-- admin\view\template\sale\order_list.tpl
-- admin\view\template\sale\customer_list.tpl
-- admin\view\template\sale\coupon_list.tpl
3) Now test on the list page for each of those by double clicking the text and you should have an edit box appear

Optional Configurations:
There are a few configurations that you can change in the view/javascript/jquery/jedit.js.php file
- default blur action. (mouse click off the field).
---- 'submit' means it submits immediately when clicking off the field. (DEFAULT)
---- 'ignore' means to do nothing. Only clicking on the field and clicking ESC to cancel or Enter to submit
---- 'cancel' means that clicking off the field will cancel the change
- default click event
---- 'click' means one click on the text will enable the edit box
---- 'dblclick' means double click on the text will enable the edit box



Admin list edit, editable, jeditable, quick edit

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