Moneris eSelect Hosted + iFrame (15x/2x)

Moneris eSelect Hosted + iFrame (15x/2x)
Moneris eSelect Hosted + iFrame (15x/2x) Moneris eSelect Hosted + iFrame (15x/2x) Moneris eSelect Hosted + iFrame (15x/2x)
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What does it do:
This contrib adds support for Canadian Moneris eSelect (Hosted Payment Pages) payment integration in USA & Canada.
During checkout, the customer is redirected to the secure Moneris payment gateway to enter their payment information.
After payment, they are returned back to your site's success page.
This package includes both US and CA versions of the mod so you can accept both USA and CA orders on your store.
You can even use the GeoZone setting to limit which country sees the "US" version and which country sees the "CA" version.

* You will of course need to have a Moneris Hosted account.
* You will need vQmod installed to see the transaction parameters on the success page.

Main features:
* All card data processed securely on the moneris gateway.
* Full PCI/PA-DSS compliance on their gateway. No card data is stored on your site
* iFrame optional lets you run their gateway form within your store as an iframe so the custom never leaves.
* No need for SSL certificate on your site as the gateway supplies one
* Uses custom error handler on the checkout/confirm page to show any card errors.
* Configurable for test and production accounts for easy mode switching.
* Custom Successful Order Status
* Custom success page showing resulting order fields returned from the gateway
* Includes 2 copies of the extension, one for US and one for CA.

Notes about PST/GST/HST:
Moneris offers 3 tax fields: hst/pst/gst
OpenCart has no defining method for specific tax other than the tax rate name.
So for the code to figure out which tax rate goes with which tax type, the "Tax Rate" name must have "PST" or "GST" in it.
It is not case sensitive, I simply check the name for the value "pst" or "gst" in some form.
Any tax that isn't gst or pst will be assigned as hst by default.
Currently this only applies to Shipping. All product taxes are currently assigned to hst only

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