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Inline SEO Friendly Reviews (1.5.x/2.x)
Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 2.x.x What does it do: ================ By default, opencart reviews are loaded via ajax, after the page has loaded. This means that reviews are not searchable by search engines because they are only loaded for real browsers loading the page. This mod puts the reviews inline during page load, allowing search engines to be able to search within review content. Requirements: ============== * You will need to have the ..
Merge/Restore Cart Notification - vQmod (1.5.x/2.x)
Demo ================ 1. Goto Demo site´╗┐ 2. Login with the demo account 3. Add some items to the cart and logout 4. Add some items to the cart as guest 5. Login again as the demo account You should see the cart merge option. Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 1.5.x 2.x What does it do: ================ By default, OpenCart saves your cart when you are a customer. If you logout with items in your cart, then come back later, add some items, a..
Minimum Advertised Price (See Price in Cart) (1.5.x/2.x)
DEMO: ================== Variation 1 Variation 2 Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 1.5.x 2.x.x What does it do: ================ Adds the ability to hide the price and require that customers add the item to the cart to see the price. This is a popular concept on and is a request from manufacturers to hide their price from showing on normal price pages. You can enable/disable this per product. When enabled, the price is replace with a "Se..
Multistore Extensions - Make any extension fully configurable per store! (15x-2x)
Live Demo Store 1: Store 2: You can edit Shipping, Payments, and Order Totals and you'll see the store selection Example setups: - Store 1 has flatrate shipping of $5, store 2 has flatrate of $10 - Store 2 has Bank Transfer that shows up after $20 minimum is reached. Store 1 has no minimum - Store 1 has Payment type fee order total enabled. Store 2 does not. You can install different payments and shipping and tot..
Option to Product (1.5.x/2.x)
DEMO VIDEO Supported OpenCart Versions: 1.5.x 2.x What does it do: Allows you to link an actual product to an option so that when you add an item with that option to the cart, the option is replaced by an actual product. For example, if you have Laptop for sale and one of the options is "SSD HardDrive", you would normally see this in the cart: 1 x Laptop - SSD HardDrive But using this mod, you can link that option to an actual product and see this: 1 x Laptop ..
Options Boost 2.0 - Uber Options - Additional Properties (2x)
DEMO Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 2.x What is Uber Options? ================ Uber Options is a product option manipulation system created for OpenCart 2.x and was designed to be the successor to the popular Options Boost for OpenCart 1.5.x. Uber Options is the first of its kind to use an extensible "submodule" system for the actual features. Each submodule contains different features on its own tab that is displayed within the Uber Options Module. T..
Paypal Admin Tools 15x/2xx (Admin Refund, Void, Capture)
DEMO ============== Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 1.5.x 2.x.x What does it do: ================ This module allows you to Refund orders that were paid with paypal standard directly from your admin panel No more need to login to your paypal account manually. Simply view the admin order and choose your action and submit it! You will receive a success or error response with reasons of failure directly from the gateway. Uses a vQmod script to..
Text/Textarea Options Price per Character Pro (1.5.x/2.x)
What does it do: ================ This mod adds some new fields for Text and Textarea option types that allow you to add custom pricing by character for text and textareas. You can set the cost per character and even have different cost breakdowns after a certain number. You can have multiple text/textarea fields, all with different pricing schemas on the same product. You can also choose to exclude spaces and line breaks from the price The customer will see the price ..
UPS Address Verification (vQmod)
Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 1.5.x 2.x What does it do: ================ Adds a validation check during registration or checkout to validate United States (USA) Addresses using the UPS Address Validation API. When a user enters his information and clicks the continue button, the address is sent to UPS and validated against the USPS Address Verification. If the address is a match, it will continue successfully with no alert. If the address doesn't match..
UPS Deluxe + New Boxing Algorithm (1.5.x/2.x/3.0)
NEW: BOXING ALGORITHM I've ported my popular boxing algorithm from my FedEx Advanced mod over to UPS Deluxe! New boxing algorithm accounts for the dimensions of each item in the cart, compares the combined volume to the max dimensions set in the configuration, then fits the items within the box dimensions. This gives one of the most accurate box fittings possible, while still staying true to actual sizes. Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 1.5.x 2.x 3.0 ..
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