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Customer Group Discount/Fee (1.5.x/2.x.x)
DEMO Look under Order Total->Customer Group Discount Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 1.5.x 2.x.x What does it do: ================ This order total adds the ability to give customers automatic storewide discounts based on their customer group. During checkout, if the total matches with configured rates, a discount is given. Discount is based on the cart subtotal. Main features: ============== * Discount by % or flat fee * Discount..
Payment Method Fee (1.5.x/2.x)
Demo: ============== 1.5.x 2.x Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 1.5.x 2.x What does it do: ================ This adds a new Order Total that gives the ability to charge customers an extra fee/discount for using specific payment types that you select. Useful for helping to offset the transaction fee that many payment gateways charge. It also allows setting different fees and minimum totals for each payment separately. Main features: ==..
Min / Max Order Limits Pro (1.5.x/2.x)
Supported OpenCart Versions: ================ 1.5.x 2.x What does it do: ================ This contrib adds multiple limit verification checks during the checkout step. Allows multiple MIN and MAX limits. If any of the limit checks are not met or exceed, a warning is shown on the cart page The customer cannot continue until the min/max rules are met. Checks can be enabled at a "per customer group" level and can trigger based on total, qty, or weight Main feat..
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