[1.5.x] Option Price Update Redux (OpenCart Addon)

[1.5.x] Option Price Update Redux (OpenCart Addon)
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What does it do:
This contrib adds an automatic update to the main price when the options are changed to reflect the total price that will be added to the cart.
It uses an ajax callback method to ensure correct prices regardless of currency or option names

Due to a bug in jQuery 1.3, this update animation doesn't always work. You need to upgrade to jQuery 1.4 or later.
If you are using 1.5.x, you already have the latest jQuery and you don't need to do anything.

Notes regarding the old version:
If using the predecessor "Option Price Update", you will need to undo all the changes that the mod needed.
This is a completely different mod and considered to be completely separate. The 2 mods do not work together.
The old "Option Price Update" was very buggy and had a lot of problems due to the way it scraped the data on the screen.
The new "Option Price Update Redux" uses an ajax callback method to ensure correct data no matter what changes are made on the template

Main features:
  * Updates the price when options are changed
  * Update has nice fade effect and loading animation
  * Works with +, -, %, * prefixes (the last two are not standard but some mods offer them so it is compatible)
  * Dynamically supports unlimited options
  * Works with the Global Mega Options mod by readyman (www.alreadymade.com)!
  * Works with Reg Price and Special prices
  * Works with all currencies. Retains the symbol & decimals
  * All main code is stored in separate file
  * All edits done with vQmod (Required)

Additional 1.5.x Features: (1.5.x only)
  * Supports all 3 prices (price, special, and price excluding tax)
  * Supports all cost driven options (select, radio, & checkbox)


- I've included an option to hide the option prefix and price in the vqmod xml file. Scroll to the bottom and uncomment the last block if you want to hide them.

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