[1.5.x] Options Boost (for OpenCart 1.5.x only)

[1.5.x] Options Boost (for OpenCart 1.5.x only)
[1.5.x] Options Boost (for OpenCart 1.5.x only) [1.5.x] Options Boost (for OpenCart 1.5.x only)
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Options Boost is for OpenCart 1.5.x only!

If you are using OpenCart 1.4.x, you will need to search for "Options Plus Redux" above.


Demo Video:


What does it do:
This contrib adds additional parameters to Product Options.
It supports Select, Checkbox, radio, and image radio option types.
Options now have their own SKU, info, image, and more to come.
The product page will swap the option data for the main image with each option selected
Option info will appear under the main image
Option sku will appear in the cart and on the admin order invoice

Main features:

New Parameters:
  * SKU: Individual model/sku number for each option. Persists on cart page and throughout order and invoicing.
  * Info: short misc info field about the option. Hover over the image to see text
  * Image: an image to sit next to the option. Click image to thickbox enlarge
Other Features:
  * Uses vQmod for core changes
  * Includes vQmod script to support the Import/Export Excel mod (by JNeuhoff)
  * Ability to add current options to multiple product(s) simultaneously.
  * Is designed to be expanded with more options in the future.
  * Added additional price prefixes aside from (+) and (-):
    (%) will price the option based off the percentage of the product price
    (*) is product price * option price
    (=) uses option price for item price instead of adding to product price. Product price is ignored
  * Option image shown in cart. (see note)
  * Option images can be set to swap the main image or a smaller "swatch" image on the side.
  * Optional Javascript popup message on options switch
  * Works with Channel Grabber
  * Supports Cloudzoom ~NEW~
Mod History:
This is the successor to the original "Options Plus Redux" mod for OpenCart v1.4.x
Since the options changed drastically in OpenCart v1.5.x, this mod had to be completely rewritten.
I gave it a new name to avoid confusion.
- You will need to have the latest vQmod installed
Get it from http://vQmod.com
  * Compatible with Options Price Update Redux! You can use both mods together.
  * Not compatible with "Multiple Option Qty" as they are conflicting mods
  * May not be compatible with other mods that affect options


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