[1.5.x] Payson API Credit Card (Direkt)

[1.5.x] Payson API Credit Card (Direkt)
[1.5.x] Payson API Credit Card (Direkt)
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This is the Payson CreditCard Module.  It requires the Payson API Account.
If you are looking for Faktura Invoice support, check the 
Faktura/Invoice version 


What does it do:
This contrib adds support for "Payson API Credit Card (Direkt)" Swedish payment integration.
Payson API CC is separate from the original "Payson" module that uses the "AgentInstallation" method.
Payson API CC requires you to have a Payson API account to pay and offers the option of payment by "CreditCard"

  * You will of course need to have a Payson API account. Normal Payson accounts must be enabled for API use first.
  * Must have SEK added as a currency

Main features:

  * PCI Compliant
  * NO SSL Needed
  * No files overwritten
  * Works with any theme
  * Full order processing
  * Full itemized breakdown of every item and order total
  * Debug Logging for easier troubleshooting with developer
  * Supported Currencies check and auto-convert to SEK

If you don't see it during checkout, be sure you have SEK created as a currency on your site

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