[1.5.x] Restrict By Customer Group

[1.5.x] Restrict By Customer Group
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What does it do:
This contrib adds a new setting in categories called "Restricted Customer Groups".
It will dynamically list all customer groups in your store and allow you to restrict any customer groups from viewing certain categories.
Any products linked to those categories will also be hidden from viewing.



You must have vQmod installed to use this (http://vQmod.com)

Main features:
  * Dynamic Customer Group selector in category edit
  * Multi-Select
  * Products won't show if they belong to a restricted category
  * Support for "Logged out" as well
  * Automatic DB update for new field
  * VirtualQMod support


How to install it:
1. Install vQmod if not already
2. Unzip this zip file
3. Upload the version that corresponds to the version of opencart you are using.
4. Insert or Edit a category. There should be a new Restricted Customer Group selection box. 
5. Check the box to restrict it from that particular group.

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