Search Invalid URL Keywords

Search Invalid URL Keywords
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Supported OpenCart Versions:
All v1.4.x & 1.5.x versions
What does it do:
This contrib improves product discovery by taking invalid urls and searching on the keyword, instead of showing a 404 not found.
For example:
if you have a product at this url:
but the customer types
It will normally show a 404 not found.
But this mod will take the "menthol_cig" and use that as the search "menthol cig" 
to help the customer find the correct product.
  * You must have vQmod installed first (
Main features:
  * Bring in more sales by letting customers find what they need immediately
  * vQmod plug n play. No files are overwritten
  * Does not require USE SEO to be enabled in the admin
  * Cleans the keyword for XSS security
  * Automatically replaces special chars with spaces for searching ("menthol-cigs" searches "menthol cigs")
  * Only searches on the first 2 words of the search to match more ("menthol-cigs-and-cigars searches "menthol cigs")

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