[1.5.x] Uber Checkout (1.5.x only)

[1.5.x] Uber Checkout (1.5.x only)
[1.5.x] Uber Checkout (1.5.x only) [1.5.x] Uber Checkout (1.5.x only) [1.5.x] Uber Checkout (1.5.x only) [1.5.x] Uber Checkout (1.5.x only) [1.5.x] Uber Checkout (1.5.x only) [1.5.x] Uber Checkout (1.5.x only)
Product Code: uber-checkout
Availability: In Stock
Price: $65.00

Video: http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/6864/ubercheckout.gif
Live: http://bigdaddyq.com/v153 (u:demo@demo.com / p:demo)


What does it do:
This replaces the normal checkout with a much cleaner and simpler 2 step option and use a more intutive design that customers are sure to love
Page One: Login/Registration combines the login form and registration form for Normal or Guest accounts.
Page Two: Checkout Confirmation combines all the checkout display options in one place and uses ajax to handle all updates
The result is the cleanest checkout experience available.
- This mod requires the vQmod engine to be installed (http://vQmod.com)
- Because of the way the page updates using ajax, changes to setting will have to update the temp order.
Since OpenCart simply generates a new temp order by default, this can result in many temp orders in the "Abandoned" or "Missing" orders list.
Though not required, You will want to use the "Single Order Temp Id" vQmod to limit excessive temp orders:
This will ensure that the same order id is reused for a single customer instead of generating a new order id each time.
Main features:
  * Does not overwrite any core files!
  * Uses vQmod for a few simple changes
  * Intuitive design
  * Easy to customize template files to move boxes around.
  * Follows OpenCart's classes to allow for blending naturally with custom themes
  * Choice of "Radio" or "Select" choices for Shipping and Payment (via Admin)
  * Admin configuration options for shipping/payment style and update triggers
  * Single Address form for Guest/Register with simple password option
  * Can Restore to normal checkout by simply disabling from the admin.
  * Adds separate shipping checkbox option
  * Uses store wide setting for guest checkout to determine if password is required or not.
  * Automatically requires account creation if product has a download (as this is an opencart requirement)
  * Combines Shipping/Payment/Confirm into one page with ajax updates
  * Full compatibility with existing payment extensions. Unlike other checkout systems out there, this will work with all payment extensions dynamically.
  * Supports new Customer Group Account choice during registration (v1.5.3 or later)
  * Supports new Company ID and Tax ID fields (v1.5.3 or later)
  * Supports agree checkbox

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