Usage License

Standard Licensing

Free Modifications - All free modifications are under GPL v2 and can be used, reused, and distributed as long as the original author information is unchanged.

Commercial (Paid) Modifications - All paid modifications have a "same site" usage license.


Bulk/Enterprise Licensing

If you would like to be able to include my software with your custom mods or store installs for clients, you may purchase the "enterprise" license. This will allow you to include my mods with your setup for others to use as needed. This has a higher cost and will include updates and support for 1 year while the mod remains current and active. Future updates will be subject to a maintenance fee. Pricing is as follows. Enterprise licenses are permanent one time purchases for unlimited reuse.

Single Bulk 5 (15% Disc) Bulk 10 (25% Disc) Enterprise (Price x 15 x .65 - Price)
$20.00 ~$85.00 ~$150.00 ~$175.00
$25.00 ~$106.25 ~$187.50 ~$218.75
$30.00 ~$127.50 ~$225.00 ~$262.50
$35.00 ~$148.75 ~$262.50 ~$306.25
$40.00 ~$170.00 ~$300.00 ~$350.00
$45.00 ~$191.25 ~$337.50 ~$393.75
$50.00 ~$212.50 ~$375.00 ~$437.50
$60.00 ~$255.00 ~$450.00 ~$525.00
$70.00 ~$297.50 ~$525.00 ~$612.50
$80.00 ~$340.00 ~$600.00 ~$700.00
$90.00 ~$382.50 ~$675.00 ~$787.50
$100.00 ~$425.00 ~$750.00 ~$875.00

So if a single license for a mod costs $30, the 5 pack license will cost $30*5*discount

* In-between prices will be prorated. For example: a $65 mod is between $60 and $70 so the multiple license rates will adjust between there

You can pay using my Paypal Easypay form


Custom Work

All custom work is charged "per-job" instead of "per-hour". This allows me to give a fair estimate for a job and charge the exact same fee to someone else. This prevents people from getting ripped off if they paid $200 for 5 hours of work, and then the module is resold at $50. This business model also allows me to subsidize my costs keeping them cheaper for each person. I retain the rights to all custom work and may resell it at will unless an exclusivity agreement has been made with me.


Exclusivity Agreements

If you'd like to buy an exclusive custom modification that I won't resell, that can be arranged as well at a higher cost, as I will not be able to subsidize or resell. You can contact me for more information on exclusivity agreements.

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