Admin Ajax Autosave (vQmod)

Admin Ajax Autosave (vQmod)
Admin Ajax Autosave (vQmod)
Product Code: admin-auto-save
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Price: $24.99
What does it do:
Adds the feature of Auto-Saving each admin field separately as they are changed, instead of using the "Save" button.
This is intended to lower the risk of data loss and error from trying too post too much data when saving certain pages.
For example, sometimes when you have a lot of product options assigned to a product and try to save, it doesn't save them all or shows an error.
This happens because your server ran out of memory trying to save the entire page.
This mod lets you save each field (or related group of fields) individually as they are changed so less data is being saved at any one time.
  * You will need to have the latest vQmod engine installed (
Main features:
  * Instantly saves upon input change. Select/Radio choice, checkbox check, textbox/textarea blur, etc.
  * Supports most custom mods that save to one of the supported core tables as well because generic methods of saving are used
  * Simple vQmod script plug and play. No files to edit or overwrite.
  * Currently works on the following pages:
    * System -> Settings (Main store)
    * Catalog -> Product Edit
    * More to come....
 * Does not remove or break the main "Save" button so you can still use that if you prefer
 * Option to disable the ajax saving feature with a single checkbox at the top
How to install it:
1) Install vQmod first from
2) Unzip and upload the "vqmod" folder to your store's root path. 
No Files are overwritten. Folder will simply merge with the vqmod folder already on your site.
3) Goto one of the supported pages
4) As you edit fields, you should see a green "checkmark" signifying the field was saved
5) Reload the page to verify that the field was changed

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