[1.5.x] Global Payments Payment Integration

[1.5.x] Global Payments Payment Integration
[1.5.x] Global Payments Payment Integration [1.5.x] Global Payments Payment Integration [1.5.x] Global Payments Payment Integration
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This software the original work of the author. It has not be duplicated, adapted, or pirated in any form from any other source that has not been made freely available.
It was derived from the API documentation available on the gateway's site and follows the standards therein.
I certify that this software was designed to integrate between the shopping cart system and the gateway company and does nothing more than what is allowed by both parties.
It does not facilitate a contract with said gateway and there may be other account restrictions between the user and the gateway company, without liability from the author.
Any references to the gateway or its logos or documentation is based on "fair use" to properly identify the company to avaid confusing with ambiguously named companies.
I have no affiliation with the gateway nor do I retain any liability from the actions of the gateway company.
You should be sure to establish an account with the gateway company before purchasing.
What does it do:
This contrib adds support for Global Payment's "Global Transport Secure - Secure Page" payment integration from www.globalpaymentsinc.com
Instead of redirecting customers to an external site, customers are shown the secure payment form inside of an iframe right on your store's checkout page.
The customer never leaves and likely won't even realize he was using an iframe because it is seamless integrated into the site.
After payment, customer is then returned to your cart success page as normal.
  * You will of course need to have a gateway account.
  * You will need an SSL certificate
Main features:
  * PA-DSS Compliant as no sensitive data is stored on your site
  * No files overwritten
  * Customers stay Onsite using a secure iFrame for payment
  * Debug Logging (logs debug info to your system error log for troubleshooting)
  * Full support of error handling.

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