OpenCart Upgrades - Basic

OpenCart Upgrades - Basic
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This service is for upgrading an existing site to the latest version of OpenCart.

The further back from the current version, the harder the upgrades are. Choose the option that matches the site version you are currently using. If you don't know, please contact me for assistance in finding the version.


Please note this service is for a basic "in-place" cart upgrade. This means the upgrade is laid over the top of your existing install. The default theme is used and any incompatible 3rd party addons are disabled. If you are looking for something more intricate like migration of data to an existing upgraded install, theme conversions, extension adjustments, etc, please contact me for a quote.


Things I can Preserve:

  • Customers, Orders, Products, Categories, etc will be safe and unchanged 
  • Sensitive and customized database entries will be safe and unchanged
  • Any of my modules, free or commercial, will be installed for free (pending purchase of current license and version)

Things I cannot Preserve:

  • Custom Templates.  Themes from previous versions will not be saved since themes are very volatile. The default OpenCart theme will be selected. It is up to you to install a new theme or you may choose my theme install option that allows you to send me a theme you have already purchased and have me install it for you. I will install with the basic default settings.
  • Other people's custom modules. You will need to contact the individual authors for the latest versions of their mods. I cannot do that for obvious reasons.
  • 1.4.x to newer versions will lose their module positions as the module system changed from 1.4.x to later versions
  • 1.5.0 to newer 1.5.x updates will lose their module positions as the module system changed in 1.5.1. You will have to edit each module again from the admin and re-add it
  • 1.5.x to 2.x updates will keep the module positions for core modules and banners



  • I recommend you backup your site first just in case. Though I've done close to 100 upgrades with 0% fail rate.
  • I will need FTP Access for your site. You can add this to the options above or email me separately with the information.



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